tyre installation at Teignmouth
Tyre installation at Teignmouth

Artist Statement 2007

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more moor
More Moor

Born skinny, jaundiced and premature, unprepared for my journey towards the abyss, I remember sleeping on my stomach like a starfish with legs bent. In my dreams I could fly; the world's youngest skydiver.

I've played/worked with sand, soil, wood and stones since I was five. I embrace this scuzzy ball; my temporary home and surrogate mother. In due course I'll fall backwards into space, still not ready, a trail of thoughts, incomplete projects, perceived failures and minor triumphs, fluff and dust stripped away, a shooting star in reverse.

I have memories to die for, but not just yet.

For years I made scenery for a living. Now I'm working in it. In due course I'll be an atomised part of it. Landscape is not a gentle pleasure. It is what we were, what we are, and what we will become, the sum of our existence, beautiful, brutal, rewarding, compelling, unavoidable, and a predicament.

Eat and be eaten, mothers milk, the perfect wave, birdsong, a break in the clouds, the roof blowing off, the plop and gurgle of another trout, the unimaginable bone pulverising power of the sea, the job of an artist to make drama of crisis.

sine wave aka stick thing
Sine Wave AKA Sticky Thing

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